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About Razorback

We understand that the accountant is often the first point of call for seeking guidance on financial decisions. That’s why we take our role as seriously. We aim to use our skills, experience & knowledge to be an invaluable asset to you & your business.

We are passionate about helping others, we work with you so you can achieve your goals & together we will succeed.

We understand the importance of a good relationship, where clients want to communicate with the one person & not be passed around to different junior staff every few months.

Who are our clients

  • Our clients are like us, they are passionate, positive people who love what they do
  • Our clients understand they cant do everything themselves & need professionals to work with them on their path to success
  • Our clients are you, they are business owners, investors, athletes, tradies, executives & professionals
  • Our clients are based throughout Australia, some even throughout the world. Some operate their business on their own & in just 1 town, while others are operating internationally as part of a team, we are part of that team, we are your team.
  • We have clients operating in a wide range of industries, we don’t need to specialize, we prefer to expand our knowledge, skills & experience to ensure we offer the best of all industries to each of our client’s businesses

Your workplace is often our workplace

We aim to be an integral part of your business. We believe we learn a lot more by being in your business rather than locked away in ours. We value the importance of building relationships with you & your staff.

We are outcome focused

We focus on what needs to be achieved. The ability to focus can make or break your success, that is why we believe our time & effort is best spent on achieving results, getting to where you want to be rather than complaining about why you are where you are & looking for people to blame.

We believe in ‘Self Responsibility’, being responsible for your choices & actions, this will lead you to accepting faults, striving for improvement & being proud of your achievements.

Fixed upfront fees

We aim to provide fixed up front fees for the majority of our services. As accountants we want to ensure that you are in control of all your costs, knowing how much things will cost in advance, we want to lead the way with ensuring you know how much our costs will be. How can an accountant advise you to control your costs but then expect for you to not how much they will charge?


  • We enjoy communicating with our clients, no just on business but on life in general, we take an interest in your whole life.
  • We aim to keep you inform of changes in tax & accounting that may affect you & your business
  • Our packages are built to ensure we communicate often & regularly

We communicate via a variety of methods to give you the best chance of ensuring you stay upto date with what is important & to match the communication method that you prefer & suits you, be that Phone calls, Social media, Newsletters, Emails, Texts, etc

We understand the importance of a team of professionals

We want the best for our clients, we want to ensure they feel supported, have a quality team of professionals around them, who are available to provide the knowledge & services they need. That’s why we work closely with a team of professionals to ensure you have the best chance of success

  • Financial planners
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Insurance brokers
  • Lawyers
  • Mental strength coaches
  • Real estate agents
  • Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs



Daniel is a registered tax & ASIC agent. He has been an accountant for over 20 years, working in Australia & internationally in a variety of businesses from sport & advertising to IT & property, from start ups to publicly listed international businesses.

As a former Young Entrepreneur of the year finalist, he understands what its like to be in business & what it takes to succeed.

His broad range of knowledge, skills & experiences are there to help you & your business.


I have a wonderful life & I enjoying making the most of every opportunity. I love to travel, experience different cultures, meet people & learn about their lives. I live an active healthy lifestyle which has seen me compete throughout the world in a variety of sports & events including marathons, surf life saving & triathlon with representing Australia in numerous world championships.

I have been fortunate to have lived in some of the best places in the world. I’ve meet a wide variety of people from billionaires to battlers, from elite athletes to first timers, I’ve really learned a lot from people.

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